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Thursday, May 24, 2018 
Customers Say

We love to get feedback from our customers;

below are some comments we've recently received.


"It's user friendly. It's comfortable, appropriate to my needs, and reliable."

Ann Lemieux, Matignon High School, Cambridge, MA

"It lets me communicate with my parents effectively and it gives them something that they can refer to over and over again!"

Kelley Powers, Holy Trinity School, Louisville, KY

"Handy for me and parents. I post the assignment, use the print section, and have my lesson plans ready for my principal. I generally use 'other' for assignments so I can list what units we are doing in the room and what is going on in class. I do an objective for the principal (let's parents know also) and then homework."

Joan Nibbelin, St. Raphael, Louisville, KY

"I love how the kids have access to what their homework is by connecting through this website. I also like how quick it is to put the assignments on your web page."

Sandy Achadinha, Cheverus School, Malden, MA

"I like that I have a convenient way to communicate homework assignments to both students and parents. Even if students do not have access to the internet at home, when they return to school after being absent they can use our school computers to check their assignments. I also like that students can scroll back to previous weeks if necessary."

Traci Guenther, Edison Junior High, Pekin, IL

"It gives the students more responsibility for their own work."

Becky Stepanek, St. Wenceslaus, Omaha, NE

"It's easier than writing down the assignment for every child that missed my class."

Holy Redeemer School, Marshall, MN

"My students and their parents can check what the homework is. Parents don't have to rely on what the students are saying their homework is. When a student is absent, the homework is already there for viewing."

Susan Sameck, St. Patrick, Joliet, IL

"It really helps the students who are absent keep up with what is going on in class."

Michaela Goerke, St. Wenceslaus, Omaha, NE

"I enjoy the ability to access information from anywhere. If I posted such assignments on a physical bulletin board, I would have to be at that location each day. With this site, I can work from home, school and other locations."

Michael DeArmond, Ascension Catholic High School, Donaldsonville, LA

"It's nice to type in the long term projects and have it show up each day."

M. Buechel, Holy Trinity, Kewaskum WI

"I like that my students who have access to the internet can get their homework without me having to take the time to fill out separate sheets for each student."

Gayle Wallen, Edison Junior High, Pekin, IL

"I like the direct communication link with parents. Helpful to students and parents when students are out of class, they can keep up with assignments. Parents like the test schedule and the direct link to my email."

Amy Fitzgerald, St. Paul School, Wellesley, MA

"I like that you can post upcoming events as well as homework."

Jamie Young, Cheverus School, Malden, MA

It's a great additional resource and form of communication between the school and parents."

Marty Brandl, Holy Redeemer School, Marshall, MN



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